COST:  Each project is unique depending on the type(s) of media involved.  Generally, tape cassettes are transferred for $15.00 each; movie film at $15.00/50' of film; photos and slides are priced per quantity (e.g. 100 for $195)

TIME: Allow  2-3 weeks for film transfer plus an additional 2-3 weeks for extra  editing, music and photos.  Photo and slide projects can be completed in  2-3 weeks.  Allow more time for Christmas gifts.

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We promise to...

  • eliminate the "boredom factor" and add excitement by using creative editing, special effects, titles and music.
  • make all the time, energy and money spent over the years on photos, slides and old movies worthwhile.
  • provide you the best insurance from loss and deterioration preserving your irreplaceable memories.
  • help share your memories with DVD copies for everyone.
  • customize each DVD to meet your needs.
  • guide you with a personal consultation through the production process.